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FLEXOVIT Wet & Dry Paper – P600 – Pack Of 25 [63642558244]
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FLEXOVIT Wet & Dry Paper – P600 – Pack Of 25 [63642558244]



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  • Highly flexible, high quality silicon carbide abrasive
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Ideal for use with water or other lubricants
  • Sheet size: 230mm x 280mm

However well you look after your car, there will always be one or two small dents or scratches in the bodywork. These may have been caused by flying stones, minor accidents or rusting. In order to repair these you will need to sand back and blend in the damage in preparation for re-spraying. To make sure you are using the best quality sanding products choose one from the Saint Gobain Abrasives range FlexOvit. As part of this range they supply a selection of wet and dry sanding papers in handy packs of 25 sheets. Wet and Dry paper does what it says on the tin, this silicon carbide abrasive you can use this with or without liquid or lubrication to buff back and blend in any damage to gain a professional looking finish. This pack contains 25 sheets of grade 600 papers. Saint-Gobain Abrasives, the world’s leading abrasives manufacturer, is the only international supplier of abrasives that manufactures each of the 3 major types of abrasives; bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, and diamond products. This is supported by exceptional technology, complete and innovative product lines, an irrefutable reputation for quality and safety, and experienced, committed, passionate people.

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