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LASER Brake Caliper Re-wind Tool – 4 Piece [6329]
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LASER Brake Caliper Re-wind Tool – 4 Piece [6329]


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  • The advantage of this rewind tool is that it features a powerful internal spring. This applies firm pressure to the piston as you turn the T-handle to make sure the inner piston mechanism is wound back
  • The set also includes an adjustable three-pin adaptor which is designed for electronic park brake calipers. Again, the ability to adjust the adaptor means that it will fit many vehicle applications
  • A standard two-pin adaptor is also included which enables it to be used with any piston adaptor, for example, single-pin versions
  • The rewind tool is of a compact design and will fit smaller calipers like the Mini for example
  • This unique new brake rewind tool and adjustable adaptor set is exclusive to Laser Tools and available now

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