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LUKOIL LUKOIL Genesis Special – MC 0W-20 – 1 Litre [56302161]
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LUKOIL LUKOIL Genesis Special – MC 0W-20 – 1 Litre [56302161]


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  • An ultra high performance all season fully synthetic multigrade engine oil for the newest generation of all-aluminum diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz
  • Developed with high-quality synthetic base oils and the latest additive technology, which keeps the engine clean, reduces friction and guarantees maximum engine lifetime
  • Is especially developed for engines where low viscosity, high fuel economy and aftertreatment systems compatible engine oils are required
  • A modern high performance low friction oil that minimises wear by rapid oil circulation
  • Allows maximum loads and provides high safety reserves and long oil drain intervals, especially in the warm-up phase of the engine
  • The low SAPS formulation guarantees a long lifetime of the particulate filter
  • Ensures minimum fuel consumption by its low High Temperature High Shear Viscosity (HTHSV)
  • A specially developed product for the latest four-cylinder all-aluminum diesel engines OM 654 from MB/ Daimler that require a SAE 0W-20 lubricant with specification MB 229.73
  • The engine fulfills the strict exhaust emission guidelines and is equipped with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), SCR catalyst (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and diesel particulate filter (DPF)

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