QUIKSTEEL Steel Epoxy Putty – 24 x 2oz Stick Cardboard CDU [6002FPS] zoom


QUIKSTEEL Steel Epoxy Putty – 24 x 2oz Stick Cardboard CDU [6002FPS]
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QUIKSTEEL Steel Epoxy Putty – 24 x 2oz Stick Cardboard CDU [6002FPS]



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  • 24 x 2oz Tubes of Steel reinforced Putty in an card display stand
  • Easy to use, hardens in 60 minutes
  • Temperature resistant up to 260C
  • Bonds like Epoxy
  • Permanent repairs to all plastics, metals, glass, PVC, ceramics, wood & more
  • Hardens like steel
  • Can be drilled, tapped, filed, machined, sanded & painted
  • Please note: refill for CDU available – Part no. 16002A

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a one stop solution for all those cracks, leaks and breaks in your vehicles components and bodywork. Something that will bond with a multitude of materials and is quick and easy to use. Well Winplus have the solution with their QuikSteel Epoxy Putty. QuikSteel Epoxy Putty is a steel reinforced epoxy putty that is pre mixed eliminating the need for a hardener, making it quick and easy to use; setting hard in 60 minutes. It can be used for vehicle repairs on a wide variety of different materials including, aluminium, brass, copper, steel, PVC, fiberglass, plastic, glass, ceramics and wood, to name a few. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -32 and up to 260 degrees Celsius, works under water and is also imperious to most chemicals including acids and solvents. Once in place and fully set it can be sawn, drilled, filled and sanded, allowing you to make professional looking repairs quickly and easily. Winplus are an internationally recognised manufacturer focused on providing innovation and style to the automotive accessories market. Across their key product ranges Winplus offer a wide range of products from air fresheners and seat covers to cooling systems maintenance and solutions.

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