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STP Complete Diesel Fuel System Cleaner – 400ml [65400EN]
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STP Complete Diesel Fuel System Cleaner – 400ml [65400EN]



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  • This STP® formulation contains the highest level of detergents of any STP® formula
  • It helps clean entire fuel systems to restore its optimum operating condition
  • The advanced formula helps clean fuel injectors, carburettors, intake valves and ports, combustion chambers, cylinder heads and piston tops
  • Restores lost power and acceleration
  • Reduces hard starts and engine hesitation as well as knocks and pings

Over time your vehicle engine can become tired and a loss of performance can result. This is why it is important to maintain your engine by using a proven fuel additive. STP has developed a large range of products designed to restore performance and prolong its life. This particular additive is a complete fuel system cleaner designed for use with diesel engines. The formulation can restore lost power and acceleration, as well as reducing hard starts and engine hesitation. Comes in a 400ml bottle. STP stands for Scientifically Treated Petroleum. Formed in 1954 in the United States the company has a strong history with motor racing that has allowed it to demonstrate the high quality nature of its products.

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